Monday, October 26, 2009

Britney spears sexy. yami pics

Britney spears sexy. Enjoy!

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Would you like Taylor Swift ACTUALLY likes Miley Cyrus? Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus could not look happier and more faker. Like who really believes that these two complete opposites are friends with each other. In fact, each competing to see who the next song is bigger and better and who gets to the CBSC as teen queen. Sweet innocent Swift is really good at plastering a fake smile while kissing, lets say rathering squirming in yuckiness of Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus has probably not taken a shower in two days and were too busy to take sexy photos of herself her own opinions too stink. Poor Taylor! While Miley is so twisted in his thinking, she really believes she is the hottest thing since Britney Spears came on the stage of adolescence. Well hate to break it to you Miley, but you're Miss Spears. Taylor beat you in the department Hottness millions. Although, for them being complete oppsite, it is strange how the two sports are the wardrobe ... even if you like Taylor, do not become like Miley, you too sane to be her! Q Do you think taylor swift should be like Miley Cyrus? (My answer NO! EEW!) Pic true Http / / / imgres? Imgurl = http / / and friends-new-hair-style-hot-sexy pics-love-story-chica -inc.jpg & imgrefurl = http / / / Swift-miley-cyrus-all-all-shook-Taylor squirming-in-Malaysia & usg = __5xnu4IAYpsbZ0kUgMhLJfBwgGA4 = & h = 626 & , w = 444 & sz = 54 & hl = en & start = 29 & tbnid = wDZfeww6eizoWM & tbnh = 136 & tbnw = 96 & prev = / images% 3Fq% 3Dtaylor% 2Bswift% 2Band% 2Bmiley 2Bcyrus%% 26um% 3D1% 26hl% 3Den% 26sa% 3DN% 26start% 3D20
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Britney spears nackt. Smashing.

Britney spears nackt. Great picz:

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